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Beyond World Marketing

  • Challenge: Recruit 1,000 to 2,000 restaurant partners monthly for a Telco campaign across Thailand.
  • Solution: Utilized a combined strategy of "Find Your Customers" and "Keep Your Customers," starting with segment identification and telemarketing insights. Developed a strategy offering local-based media to meet their needs.
  • Result: Successfully recruited over 30,000 new restaurant partners with a retention rate three times higher during active campaigns.

Mercedes Benz Leasing Thailand

  • Challenge: Retain customers nearing the end of their contract by offering a special deal.
  • Solution: Implemented the "Maximize Value for Existing Customer" solution, focusing on consented customer data, trial and error to find the best-fit model, and targeted outreach.
  • Result: Approached over 10,000 customers annually, gaining the interest of 1,500 customers and resulting in the sale of more than 100 cars.


  • Challenge: Identify target customers suitable for their products.
  • Solution: Partnered from the beginning to target potential investors with higher creditworthiness, using telemarketing to invite them to open house programs to build trust.
  • Result: Generated over 700 leads, matching assets worth more than 100 million Baht within six months.resulting in the sale of more than 100 cars.


  • Challenge:Boost sales opportunities and attract customers to the project site during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Solution:Gathered feedback from interested customers, optimized ads for relevant information, and implemented a covid prevention policy to ensure safe site visits.
  • Result: Contributed to driving sales up to 23 million baht with an effective promotional campaign and insights.